Beauty and Confidence: Camila Cabello Mesmerizes on the Cover of King Kong Magazine with her Open-Mouthed Pose and Shower Scene.

A drenched and nudeCamila Cabello posed open-mouthed on the cover of King Kong magazine while sipping water from the shower.

The 27-year-old, four-time Grammy Award nominee made her cover debut on Monday for the magazine’s Liquid Issue, looking gorgeous in electric blue.

In one photo, she showed off her glittery nails while sporting a grey swimming cap with a shark motif and bold purple goggles.

Camila and King Kong shared the announcement on Instagram, writing, “COVER REVEAL: @camila_cabello is feeling c***y for the liquid issue of @kingkongmagazine.”

‘Now available for preorder! exclusively in print. That rich Miami blue that’s equal parts sky and aqua dribbles and stays on her lips like tears.

A naked and soaking wet Camila Cabello, 27, drank water from the shower while open-mouthed as she graced the cover of King Kong magazine

The four-time Grammy Award nominee was revealed Monday as the cover star for King Kong magazine’s ‘Liquid Issue’, donning an electric blue glam look

In one photo, she flaunted her glittery nails while sporting a grey swimming cap with a shark motif and bold purple goggles.

Her inspirations are combined and mixed in a musical cocktail shaker to create her music! With wide eyes, we love to watch it. #ILUVIT. Do you understand? you got it, excellent!

Camila accessorized her black lipliner and mascara with blue contact lenses that complemented her eyeliner and lipstick.

In one picture, her wet blond hair framed her face as tears streamed down her cheeks in a vivid blue hue.

During the session, she posted a picture of herself on a floor tinted blue on Instagram Story, with the caption “I LUV IT featuring Playboy Carti.”

The Fifth Harmony alum appears to be on a high-fashion journey as she promotes her upcoming fourth solo album C, XOXO.

She recently appeared in Paper Magazine, channeling Donatella Versace with some bleached brows to match her peroxide blonde locks.

After releasing her latest single ‘I LUV IT‘, Cabello shared a statement explaining how some of the ’emotional drama’ in her love life inspired the song. 

She wrote: ‘Certain things in our human realm do make me feel like I’m in outer space, and the very rare few times where I’ve had incredible chemistry with someone is one of them.

‘Part of that cocktail is also the emotional drama between you and that person, and the chaos and butterflies and nerves and passion.

She finished: ‘It’s unsustainable and not peaceful and exhausting, but also, I LUV IT.’

She took to her Instagram Story during the shoot to share a photo of her herself on a blue-stained floor, and set the Story to I LUV IT featuring Playboy Carti

She wore turquoise blue contact lenses, and eyeliner, and light blue lipstick, contrasted with black lipliner and mascara

For one scene, tears ran bright blue down her cheeks and throughout, her face was framed by her damp blonde hair

The Fifth Harmony alum appears to be on a high-fashion journey as she promotes her upcoming fourth solo album C, XOXO

After releasing her single I LUV IT, Camila shared a statement explaining how some of the ‘ emotional drama’ in her love life inspired the song

Camila broke up with Canadian singer Shawn Mendes, 25, for a second time in 2023, after they first dated from 2018 to 2019 (pictured in 2019)

Camila broke up with Canadian singer Shawn Mendes for a second time in 2023, after they first dated from 2018 to 2019.

She told the Call Her Daddy podcast in March: ‘I will always care about him and love him. He’s such a good person. I’m lucky ’cause some people have exes who are awful and he is not. He’s a really kind, good person.

‘It wasn’t even like a decision. I think you’re just kind of like: “Yeah this doesn’t really … it’s not a fit – it doesn’t feel right.”

‘Luckily, I was in a place in my life where … it took us both less time to be like: “This doesn’t feel right and we don’t really need to try so hard to make it work. It’s all good, let’s move on.”‘

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